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Beautiful Hearing, Inc D.B.A.

Hearing In Paradise

5600 Trail Blvd, Suite 16 Naples, Florida 34108


Subjective Hearing

Our hearing is subjective! What does that mean? Our hearing, like our sense of taste or smell is an individual thing. We may love the taste of a particular dish of food, while the next person may not. The scent of a perfume may be heavenly to one and repulsive to another. So it is with our hearing. While some may prefer the sound to be more treble or high sounding, others like the sound more low and bass sounding. Some may like the sound very loud while other more soft and subtle. This is why the same hearing aids require different settings and options for each individual. It’s why some people enjoy their hearing instruments and some do not. The hearing aids must be set to your individual preferences in order to achieve a successful fitting . With over 32 years of experience and knowledge (and I am still learning), it is still amazing to me, how 2 identical hearing losses will be perceived differently according to the lifestyle and individual needs of the patient. It is wonderful what digital technology has enabled us to do - to work with our subjective hearing! I have patients come in that have trouble hearing with their instruments that they purchased elsewhere, only to find that all they needed were the proper settings to tune the hearing aids to suit their individual needs and desires. This is why the hearing aid fitting may require a few follow up visits. The settings are based initially on the audiogram (your personal hearing evaluation and assessment), then the lifestyle and personal preferences. Premium hearing aids offer the greatest range in available fitting settings. This allows me to "fine tune" them and give the best possible fitting solution (It may take a few visits, remembering our hearing is subjective and it does change)!While there is not much we can do to improve our sense of taste or smell, we can improve the sense of hearing and help you or someone you love, enjoy life again with better hearing and understanding. Hearing our children, grandchildren and friends is what life is all about!

Here’s what my clients are saying about their new Premium hearing aids...

"My new hearing aids are even better than you told me they would be! This is how I remember hearing and understanding." Mrs. T.S.

"I watched a movie last night and I could hear and understand every word!" Mr. J.D.

"My new hearing aids are so comfortable, I wear them all day, I forget they are in my ears." Mrs. F.V.

"With the connectline I hear the TV right through my hearing aids. It’s so clear and with no more closed captioning!"

Mr. K.B.

"Using my cell phone is wonderful. I’m hands free and hear every word even in noisy situations." Mr. V.F.

"I'm more in touch with my family and friends and I do not feel so isolated!" Mrs. M.E.