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Beautiful Hearing, Inc D.B.A.

Hearing In Paradise

5600 Trail Blvd, Suite 16 Naples, Florida 34108


Hearing Aids...

Premium Technology!

Hearing aid solutions for all lifestyles...

At Hearing In Paradise we specialize in premium digital hearing aid products from Phonak and Widex. These are the worlds leaders in state of the art digital hearing aid technology. We offer a complete range of products to fit every lifestyle, including Bluetooth devices that allow your hearing aids to become custom ear pieces for your cell phone, T.V., land phone, MP3 player or just about any other audio source you can imagine.  

For over 30 years our specialty has been discreet fitting hearing devices that can not been seen and are comfortable to wear and provide reliabilty you can count on for years of service.

For more information on hearing and hearing aids visit

For more information on Phonak and Phonak products, visit their website at

For more information on Widex and Widex products, visit their website at

For more information about Oticon and Oticon products, visit their website at

We work with hearing aid manufacturers that include:

* Phonak

* Widex

* Oticon


* Starkey

* GN Resound

* Micro-Tech

We also offer a complete line of earmold products for hearing protection. Ear plugs for swimmers, pilots, shooters, motorsports enthusiasts, anyone wanting to protect their hearing from noise exposure. We also have custom in ear products for musicians including in ear monitors, on stage ear plugs and custom ear phones for mp3 and ipod users. Give us a call for more information.