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Beautiful Hearing, Inc D.B.A.

Hearing In Paradise

5600 Trail Blvd, Suite 16 Naples, Florida 34108


Not my Grandpa’s

hearing aids!

  Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, there were not too many options regarding hearing aids. I remember going with my Grandpa and Grandma to the hearing aid office (his hearing aids squealed all the time). He could not hear it, but my Grandma could! He wore big BTE’s (behind the ear) hearing aids with big ear molds (knowing what I know now, his earmolds were probably notfitting well).

  When my Grandpa used to put on his cap to go fishing, (I loved it when he took me fishing) the hearing aids would squeal... so he never wore them fishing and I would spend the rest of the day talking as loud as I could repeating most everything I said. My Grandpa had a severe hearing loss and sometimes he would look as though he was in another world. He was... a world of silence! "Our brain is not able to comprehend, what it can not hear."

  Who would have known 40 years later I would be writing a story about Grandpa... and his hearing aids and my experience growing up with Grandpa and his hearing aids! I remember the gentleman telling them "that’s how it is... you will just have to get used to it and turn it down if it squeals!"

  Well, things have definitely changed for the better in the audiology field! Today, there is much better technology. The hearing aids I fit, do not squeal under normal conditions and proper fit. Today, they are so small and invisible on top of it!Today’s hearing aids have the technology and sophistication to provide us with improved communication (better hearing & understanding) adding to our overall quality of life (my Grandma would be so happy!).

  Whether you need just a little "boost" or "full power", digital hearing technology will help your brain continue to process sounds and speech. You will stay connected with family and friends for many years to come. "Your family wants you to hear and understand!"

Your life is now... call 239-248-4449