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Beautiful Hearing, Inc D.B.A.

Hearing In Paradise

5600 Trail Blvd, Suite 16 Naples, Florida 34108


Comparing Apples to Apples...

I had a gentleman in my office a few weeks ago, a retired business owner who was very confused. He had been thinking about hearing aids for a while and had been doing some research on the internet and looking at advertisements in the newspaper. It seemed the more he looked, the more confused he became (We all see the gimmicks and advertising schemes in the paper). One thing I can tell you... If something sounds to good to be true, it usually is! Most of the ads center around a bargain price hearing aid. What they do not tell you is, that the “special pricing” most times applies to outdated and close-out models the manufacturers are clearing out. Although the price may be attractive, the aids may not offer all the benefit you need. 

The old adage of “If you are going to do something, do it right”, certainly applies. When you are comparing various hearing aids, it is important to be comparing “apples to apples”. I always do, what I consider to be the best for the client. I have been fitting hearing aids now for over 30 years and I still learn something new every day. I do know properly fit hearing aids, custom fit, programed to the individual hearing loss and personal lifestyle will give superior hearing, understanding and confidence to the wearer and their family!

Whether you are a seasoned hearing aid wearer, a new "seeker" looking at hearing aids for the first time or helping someone with cognitive issues that make it hard to communicate with... solutions are here! Hearing aids so tiny you can not see them (invisible) Stereo Zoom, Spacial Sound, Bluetooth connectivity... New technologies that will change your world!

I am here to provide personalized custom solutions to meet your hearing loss and your lifestyle, continuing your life with confidence. We can do it together!

Thank you for your referrals. I really appreciate it when you share with your friends and loved ones how happy and satisfied you are with your hearing aids and my service. Thank you! 

Schedule an appointment today for you or someone you love.239-248-4449

Happy Hearing!


Sylvia J. Horgan, H.A.S., C.O.O.Board Certified / State Licensed