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Beautiful Hearing, Inc D.B.A.

Hearing In Paradise

5600 Trail Blvd, Suite 16 Naples, Florida 34108


Family Solutions for

Better Hearing!

About Us

Hearing In Paradise, Inc. is owned and operated by Sylvia J. Horgan and her husband Craig A. Horgan. The practice specializes in providing exceptional hearing health care services and the latest in advanced technology premium digital hearing aids for those who experience less than perfect hearing.

Our Family

I specialize in "Hard to Fit Cases"! With over 35 years fitting hearing aids, I have knowledge and experience to help you or someone you love today, Sylvia.

International Service...

Naples is a very popular destination for many international travelers. Many of our clients reside in Naples part of the year and in Europe the rest of the year. They find the exchange rates and pricing much better here than overseas. Also, Hearing Aids are sales tax exempt in Florida. In order to meet the needs of our international clients we work exclusively with hearing aid manufacturers that have a strong presence in the overseas market place as well as here in North America.

Hearing aids provide the little "Boost" needed to "fill in the blanks" that makes all the difference in being able to hear and understand... even in noisy situations. We provide caring compassionate service in a private, professional atmosphere.

The Staff

For over 35 years Sylvia J. Horgan has been helping the hearing impaired. She owned and operated a multi-office practice in western Arkansas for over 20 years. She moved to Naples in 2003 with her husband, Craig and their 5 children. Hearing In Paradise is now entering it’s 13th year serving the Naples area. She is state licensed and board certified and also a member of the International Hearing Society, The Florida Society of Hearing Health care Professionals and is CAOHC certified in hearing conservation.

In 2010 Sylvia acquired Pelican Bay Hearing Care..

She would welcome the opportunity to meet and talk with you or a loved one and answer any questions you may have about custom hearing instruments.


5600 Trail Blvd. Suite 16

Naples, FL 34108


Mon - Sat

By Appointment